CelebForty is an online, women's fashion boutique that sells classy, chic, and trendy clothing for today's women.  The California-based company was founded by CEO Shay McNair who was able to identify there was something missing in the women’s apparel market for women who are 40 and over. As one who is also in this category, she found it hard to find quality, stylish, trendy, and chic clothing that not only represented her style but also fit her maturity.


 "The women's apparel market seems to have completely forgotten that we to like to look sexy, classy and keep up with the latest trends too so Celebforty was created to make sure that void is filled". 


 We know that looking stylish is not just culture but part of one's personality as we all have our own style. CelebForty is committed to making sure we offer competitive prices,  provide elevated styles, and the latest trends so you too can focus on looking great! 


Our Motto: Star Styles for Everyone every day!